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PayPal Loophole Allows Refund and Titled Property Chargeback Fraud!

@eBayExposed   November 28, 2015    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!
Titled Propery

PayPal refunds a buyer after he buys a boat on eBay from a lady, he then uses it all summer long and files an illegal chargeback with his credit card company citing that the boat was a lemon and services were not rendered. eBay originally decided in favor of the… Read more »

Possible Notary Fraud Linking eBay and Hubcapjoe to Fox News Smear Campaign!

@eBayExposed   November 9, 2015    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!
Notary Fraud

While it’s legal for a Notary Public to Notarize a legal document for other jurisdictions, using someone’s stamp from another State or committing Notary fraud is not! Notary fraud is a federal crime punishable by up to five years in prison and/or fines up to $250,000. I have been investigating… Read more »

Did eBay’s Executives Use HubcapJoe to Broker A Deal with Critic Ed Koon?

@eBayExposed   November 6, 2015    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!

Did Hubcapjoe broker a deal between eBay Inc and blogger eBayMotorssucks.com to remove his website and no longer write about or expose eBay’s dirty laundry? I mean what really happened to Ed Koon we all want to know. I’m only doing this story because I feel Ed removed his sites… Read more »