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eBay Will No Longer Investigate Buyer Return Abuse Cases for Sellers!

@eBayExposed   November 2, 2015    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!

Have you ever been scammed by a buyer that returned your item and sent you a broken one back? Buyers on eBay have been engaged in Return Abuse now for years and the hot items are Apple Products and other high end electronics. eBay’s been telling sellers since September over… Read more »

Possible Notary Fraud Linking eBay and Hubcapjoe to Fox News Smear Campaign!

@eBayExposed   November 9, 2015    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!
Notary Fraud

While it’s legal for a Notary Public to Notarize a legal document for other jurisdictions, using someone’s stamp from another State or committing Notary fraud is not! Notary fraud is a federal crime punishable by up to five years in prison and/or fines up to $250,000. I have been investigating… Read more »

Did eBay’s Executives Use HubcapJoe to Broker A Deal with Critic Ed Koon?

@eBayExposed   November 6, 2015    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!

Did Hubcapjoe broker a deal between eBay Inc and blogger eBayMotorssucks.com to remove his website and no longer write about or expose eBay’s dirty laundry? I mean what really happened to Ed Koon we all want to know. I’m only doing this story because I feel Ed removed his sites… Read more »

eBay Motors Sucks Critic Ed Koon Removes His eBay Blog for Hubcap Joe!

@eBayExposed   October 27, 2015    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!

For years Ed Koon from the popular anti eBay blog site eBay Motors Sucks has been documenting vehicle Fraud such as phishing and XSS cross site scams, vehicle Purchase protection, and while at the same time writing articles about eBay’s number one YouTube fan boy Crazeenydriver whom works for eBay promoting… Read more »