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Former Seller Docs Quality Cars Files Business Complaint Against eBay

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2006 Acura RSX

A former Seller on eBay Motors and Licensed Florida (Retired) Auto Mart Dealer of Docs Quality Cars files a Business Complaint against the auction giant eBay Inc at the State of California Department of Justice website. In an effort to force eBay’s Trust and Safety team to follow their own Acceptable… Read more »

Social Media Cyber Abuse on Twitter By eBay’s Hubcapjoes

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Social Media Cyber Abuse

Social Media Cyber Abuse Damages a Seller’s Business! There’s Social Media Cyber Abuse going on by a top rated seller called Hubcapjoes and his abusive behavior still goes unpunished by eBay Inc. This story has been reported at eBay Motors Sucks Blog with additional videos posted by Edward Koon on the “Suspended… Read more »

eBay Cyber Gangs Go After Reputable Sellers Using Twitter

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eBay Cyber Gangs Use Social Media to abuse Reputable Former Sellers Social Media bully and eBay Seller Joseph Demarco of Haworth NJ (Oradell NJ Business Owner Hubcapjoes) is spamming Twitter and going after a reputable former eBay business called Docs Quality Cars. This isn’t the only problem Crazeenydriver has on his… Read more »

eBay Tour Given to Abusive Cyber Stalker

@eBayExposed   September 18, 2015    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!
eBay Tour

YouTube Cyberstalker and number one fanboy recruit Hubcapjoes gets a tour of eBay and PayPal’s HQ by PayPal Employee Scott Henshaw. Looks like the tentacles of eBay reach out to the streets of Boston these days wouldn’t you say? eBay uses their number one fanboy Joseph Demarco AKA YouTube’s Crazeenydriver for… Read more »