Can posting on YouTube hurt your eBay Business?

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I would be very careful these days about posting on YouTube any negative comments if you’re an eBay seller because they are watching every move you make! Many people posting negative eBay PR on the Crazeenydriver YouTube channel and on other channels may indeed find their seller accounts shut down for spreading bad PR about eBay or just speaking their minds. I see many people posting comments on his channel using first and last names which could very possibly link you to your own eBay seller account. eBay Inc loves to go after online critics, they will spend hours investigating and following your alias names on YouTube and at other social media sites in order to somehow link you with your actual selling id and ban you from selling.

Whats funny is that YouTube considers the Crazeenydriver channel spam, notice how YouTube is using robots.txt in order to block Hubcapjoes from Google search. It may be because so many people have flagged his channel for spam and mass advertising for eBay Inc.


Believe me, you don’t want to open up that “MC999″ email eBay sends out to small sellers telling them that their business is no longer welcomed on eBay. In the past few months eBay seller Hubcapjoes has been promoting and driving negative PR to his subscribers on YouTube from Facebook talking about such topics as “eBay Rolling Blackouts”, and bad US China sellers, along with many other issues once again giving eBay Inc more and more negative eBay PR while earning money through his Google Adsense account profiting from his YouTube channel. If you are a subscriber to Joseph Demarco’s YouTube channel I suggest you unsubscribe and be careful what you post on his video comments from now on because eBay loves to shoot the messengers and terminate perfect selling accounts and businesses out of spite so don’t be a casualty of war, be careful what you post online it could mean your business!

Negative eBay PR

eBay Seller Rolling Blackouts Exposed by Hubcapjoes

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borderline criminal behavioreBay Motors Seller Hubcapjoes exposed eBay’s rolling blackouts on YouTube. eBay’s number one fan boy Hubcapjoes is spilling the beans about how sellers are being effected by rolling blackouts. This type of auction interference means less sales for the smaller sellers and more sales for the larger ones. Rolling blackouts is when a seller’s auction, or buy it now listings become invisible over a period of hours or days to standard eBay search traffic. Hubcapjoes AKA YouTube’s Crazeenydriver explains in his latest video published on 1/9/2015 that your auction listings may be hidden by eBay after you list them so that eBay can profit more by allowing larger sellers to make more sales over sellers that have just joined or sellers that have a low volume number of sales. Many people disagree with Joseph Demarco and claim that eBay Inc is not involved in any such fraud but I have to believe Hubcapjoes on this one. Many of my own auctions do not appear when I search for them, and because I paid for the listing, this would mean that I am being defrauded out of my hard earned money.

Rolling Blackouts by Hubcapjoes

Seller “magyar5615″ proves Rolling Blackouts

eBayisajoke eBay Critic

eBayisajoke eBay Critic

If you depend on eBay to send you traffic you will fail as a seller on eBay. Many sellers depend on eBay to drive sales to their stores, and that is not the responsibility of eBay. It is your responsibility to drive organic search traffic to your own eBay items in order to make sales. Depending on eBay to send you business is a huge mistake all sellers make and if your listings are not being indexed by eBay please make a change by signing this petition. Stop companies from interfering with your right to sell. Lets get the word out to all politicians, lets pass the eCommerce Interference Bill.