New Advertising Scheme by eBay

eBay Inc
eBay announced that they will allow sellers to pay for promoted listings when they list an item for sale in order to get the listing some extra exposure. Sellers already pay eBay insertion fees to get their items listed in the marketplace. This new advertising program doesn’t sit well with sellers because they already lose sales due to the sponsored links and other ads shown in the listing description and at the footer of the seller’s listing. Sellers are angry because their listing already do not show in Google Search. So why would sellers pay for promoted listings when their items are loaded into an iFrame and not indexed to Google? There is more detail on the Promoted Listings at eBay’s website.

Google Search bots do not crawl iFrames

I also want to direct your attention to this new eBay forums posting Makes you think twice about paying eBay up front to list your item. The placing of additional ads on seller’s pages for advertising makes for a mixed bag of sour grapes.

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Negative Feedback Removed by Hubcapjoes

eBay Inc is playing the “Hide the feedback” game with the Hubcapjoes seller account. That’s right they don’t want you to see what they are hiding so we thought we would give you a peek of Hubcapjoes past seller record. These are the negative feedback’s that are indexed by Toolhaus and amended to the seller’s record each time he gets feedback the very second the feedback comes in for his account. You can see his recent negatives where the buyers all accuse Joseph J Demarco of being mean and rude.

This was the very pattern of abuse pointed out by me two years ago when I outed abusive seller Hubcapjoes. His feedback now gets removed from eBay Inc with one phone call to his Facebook sea level executives over at eBay. Other sellers are not awarded this special service but Hubcapjoes is the shiny star seller that goes after anti eBay people and Critics on the web so they love him!. Hubcapjoe loves to brag about his success on eBay. It would be a shame for him to lose his seller account wouldn’t it? lol

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