PayPal Extends Buyer Protection policy to 180 Days and bad for Sellers

Buyer protection policy

PayPal just introduced they’re stretching their buyer protection policy to 180 days and sellers are not too happy, lets see what the Hub Cap Monster Hub Cap Joes thinks of it here on YouTube Click Here for his latest public video.

Personally speaking, this can be a disaster within the making. Shady purchasers already flock to eBay searching to scam retailers. The popular ecommerce website is going to be referred to as spot to “rent cheap products” then get them for free with 100 % refund through SNAD.

Buyer Protection Policy

“eBay and PayPal earns money in costs whenever a purchase is created, on the top from the listing costs to market a product online. It seem sensible they implemented this 180 day buyer protection policy which will further increase their main point here. Should you be thinking about buying a product elsewhere with say one month protection, 6 several weeks buyer protection should give eBay the advantage. Unfortunately their retailers are the type potentially left hanging responsible for six several weeks.”

This e-book entitled “The Big eBay Con” is really a guide how you can scam eBay retailers, was taken off Amazon and was said to be owned and produced by the Hub Cap Monster of Oradell New Jersey. It’s currently being offered by other merchants by searching the title.

Ina Steiner of eCommercebytes Blog authored this short article, which has received 108 comments by this posting.

eBay TRS CrazeeNyDriver created this video for YouTube on Friday September 19th 2014. Again he gave his 2 cents and possibly bought his NARU at the same time.

PayPal Dispute Policy drives away Merchants with 180 day refunds


PayPal Dispute Policy drives away merchants with their new refund window. Buyers have 180 days now to file any kind of dispute on a seller for a refund. This means that more fraud will be generated by users looking to steal merchandise to resell on eBay. It’s a shame eCommerce has turned into this. Allowing the buyers to get away with just about everything and putting seller’s out of business overnight. In my opinion there should be no refunds in eCommerce but we both know that will never happen. A more fair approach would be to allow all buyers a 7 day window for returning the product. This is more then enough time for a buyer to make a decision weather or not they want the product. If giving buyers a one hour window to change their mind after completing an eBay buy it now transaction wasn’t bad enough, now PayPal wants to force sellers to rent their products out to buyers for six months.

PayPal Dispute Policy

PayPal 180 Day Refund Policy Will Kill Online Ecommerce

Sellers should make sure they hold PayPal’s feet to the fire when it comes to charge backs but PayPal won’t listen to the seller and always refund the buyer their money. In many cases the buyer’s will keep the item and get the refund causing sellers to lose valuable merchandise, time and money. PayPal doesn’t employ enough people to fight the daily charge back numbers that are in the tens of thousands so refunding the buyer is the easiest and quickest answer to the problematic transaction.

Should the FTC be aware of this new PayPal dispute policy? maybe they even know about and just don’t care. After all eBay and PayPal are one of the largest contributors to many politicians we vote for. eBay and PayPal are not interested in an ethical business practice, they are simply interested in the bottom line profit you as a merchant give them. So get off your ass people, build your own website and become your own merchant and don’t rely on third party dead end promises and candy coated product features. Getting your own merchant account through a bank allows you to be in full control of your profits, merchandise and most important your reputation as a business.

eBay Motors forces Seller to take PayPal to List Dream Car Corvette Z06

Dream car corvette

A buyer’s dream car Corvette Z06 listing gets shut down by eBay Motors the minute it got listed. eBay Customer service is caught telling the seller that he needs to accept PayPal in order to list and sell his Dream car Corvette on eBay Motors, and that the MC999 shut down is normal, and its just the way they conduct business. It’s time eBay retires the MC999 in order to save eBay Inc. Shutting people down after a listing disenfranchises sellers from wanting to do business on eBay. The seller is not willing to accept a risky PayPal transaction in this case, and the audio proves that eBay is still monopolizing payments. The seller was forced to enter his credit card information when he placed the listing.

The customer service rep tells the seller that accepting PayPal protects the credit card information of the seller. (What???). Clearly the CS rep doesn’t know what she’s talking about or is trying to blow smoke up the sellers behind. eBay’s method on new listings is a poor one and drives sellers away from spending money on eBay. The eBay Inc shareholders should be surprised at the way eBay Inc conducts it’s business in 2014. Buyers would have flocked to this auction to buy this vehicle but because of eBay policies, both buyers and sellers won’t be spending any money for this listing, because as you can see it has been pulled.

Seller tries to sell his Dream Car Corvette